Every single thing starts with DESIRE…

Regardless of how you found your way to this blog, you have just navigated your way to what is a long time desire of mine.

That is to help people become aware of their true authentic Self and to live their best life.   I’m so happy and grateful that you have joined me for this  message which is giving me goose bumps right about now. I will say with confidence that you are at the right place at the right time

Allow me to establish an important foundation and communicate the purpose for TRULY~OB Blog messages. Love and Care is at the core of everything we do. It is our intent to be informative, relevant, and most of all Loving. Each message is designed to help our community (clients-family-friends) to embrace their unlimited potential and live the life they love living. This is the burning desire that motivated Yaulanda and I to launch this best version of ourselves in this present moment. And now we are here together in this “Ocean of Love” so let’s take a deep dive into this concept called Desire.

Many of us have experienced times in our life when we were told “no” you can’t have that or “no” you can’t do that or even “no” you can’t be that. Somehow this didn’t seem right to us.  We had to suppress this energy that was seeking to emerge in the form of an idea, a longing, a dream that seemed very good at the time. And so, we gave into the so called authorities in our life in the form of parents, teachers, clergyman, culture, social norms, history, and a plethora of others. We were guided by outside voices. Not allowing our own voice to be the authority in our lives, we end up years later experiencing the same desire, longing, wanting to emerge but now with a mind that has been trained by the myths that desire is evil or egoic or just downright not spiritual.

However, desire is a force of life that is the seed for every creation and expression known in the universe. Life itself began with the desire to have full expression of its nature, its power, and its unlimited potential. Just take one look around you and you can see that the things that are made first started in the form of an idea, a longing, or a dream. But it wasn’t until that desire was acted on that we now see what was seeking to emerge as a unique expression of life.

In the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he states that “desire is the starting point of all achievement”, and “one must have a burning desire to translate an idea into form”.  Desire is an invisible energy that is inherit within the human spirit. It’s sometime described as the “ten thousand horses” that will ruin your life if they aren’t reigned in. The Way of Mastery states “Come then to see that desire is not evil. It is not to be feared. It is to be mastered. Mastery of desire comes when you recognize that you are safe to feel whatever wave of desire might come up through your consciousness, because you decide whether you will act on it, whether you will bring it into the field of manifestation.”

When we understand and accept the importance of desire, and our power to choose what we allow to emerge from the awesomeness it brings, we are well on our way to designing and building the life we would love to live.

Desire is life itself, seeking to express itself through you and as you. Without it the flower petals wouldn’t get nourished, we would still be riding horses versus the Ford or Benz, your cell phone would still be just an idea, and it would be very dark at night. With the mastery of desire, you can become a cutting-edge dream builder and a world changer.

There’s no grander example of one who mastered the life force of desire than Jesus, the Christ. He allowed that burning desire to demonstrate the power of Love and the illusion of death. In so doing we now have our time on the planet to engage in this wonderful experience of life, and to express the desires of our heart.

Say Yes to your Desire.

Say YES to your authentic self.

YESYour Eternal Self.