Desire is cultivated through INTENTION…

Regardless of how you found your way to this blog, you have just navigated your way to what is a long-time desire of mine. That is to help people become aware of their true authentic Self and to live their best life. I’m so happy and grateful that you have joined me for this message.  I will say with confidence that you are in the right place at the right time

Allow me to establish an important foundation and communicate the purpose for TRULY~OB Blog messages. Love and Care is at the core of everything we do. It is our intent to be informative, relevant, and most of all Loving. Each message is designed to help our community (clients-family-friends) to embrace their unlimited potential and live the life they love living. This is the burning desire that motivated Yaulanda and I to launch this best version of ourselves in this present moment. And now we are here together in this “Ocean of Love” so let’s take a deep dive into this concept called Intention.

We learned from an earlier blog entitled Desire that everything that has ever been created started with desire, which is the answer to the question: What would I love? For desire to move from the realm of thought to the world of form, there must be a cultivating process called intention. Simply stated, there must be time, attention, and commitment given to nurturing the thing that is desired. For without intention, we tend to become seduced by distractions that keep us from being laser focused on the things we would love to be, do, and experience.

The Way of Mastery defines intention as, “… cultivating within your thought processes the art of remembering what you are truly here for.” What vision have we established for our  lives based on the deep desires of the heart? Therefore, living by intention will help keep our daily choices in alignment with those things that are most important to the fulfillment of the life we would love to experience.

When we drive down certain highways we notice that there are guardrails that are aligning the outer portion of the road to ensure we stay within the safekeeping of the terrain. Those guardrails protect us from running wild into areas that are dangerous and keep us from arriving at our destination. Likewise, when we are living by intention, we are kept safe from distractions and old habits that no longer serve our dream or vision. We gain more clarity and focus about how to use time effectively. We tend to be happier because we are constantly being reminded of who we are and where we are going. It’s been said many times, “your intention is always determined by where you place your attention”. So, the daily question we need to ask ourselves is: What is it that we most desire?

Once this is settled, life has a way of supporting us with all the experiences we need to bring about a manifested reality of the things we would love. And at the center of that support, is intention, and the way it cultivates and safeguards our desires.

So, say Yes to living by Intention.

Say Yes to your authentic Self.

YESYour Eternal Self