TRULY News: DreamBuilder Live

Regardless of how you found your way to this blog, you have just navigated your way to what is a long-time desire of mine. That is to help people become aware of their true authentic self and live their best life. I’m so happy and grateful that you have joined me in this experience. I will say with confidence that you are at the right place at the right time.


On June 9-11, 2017, Yaulanda and I had the distinct pleasure to attend a DreamBuilder Live program in Arlington, VA. We believe that personal growth is a life-long exercise. We remain teachable and keep our mind muscles flexible. There were 850 of us from 16 countries immersed in an intensive 3-day event with bestselling author and internationally celebrated Dream Building expert Mary Morrissey. We met wonderful men and women who are committed to the goal of living a life they love and helping others to up level their lives as well. It was incredible to be assembled with such a diverse group of people, young and mature, from all walks of life with the purpose of dream building.

The atmosphere was super charged as we visioned unlimited possibilities available to all of us.  Each session started with energetic music and movement that helped jump start the highly informative, paradigm changing, transformational teachings. Each day we took a deep dive into understanding the key components of the dream building process which are Blueprinting, Bridging and Building. There were interactive training exercises, inspiring personal stories, encouragement and networking as we were supported in an environment infused with loving care. It was a first-class event. Yaulanda and I expanded our knowledge and focused our attention on our intention. We began new friendships and it was BIG fun!

Do you have a sense that there’s more to life than what you’ve been experiencing up until now? Has the time come for you to say YES to the greatness that is trying to emerge in your life? Say YES to living full out… Say YES to living the life you love… Say YES to being a student of life-long growth. Understand that the teachers have appeared.

Oliver & Yaulanda are delighted to work with you.