Cultivating the acceptance of all things…

Regardless of how you navigated your way to this blog, you have navigated your way to what is a long- time desire of mine. That is to help people become aware of their true authentic Self and live their best life. I’m so happy and grateful you have joined me for this message. I will say with confidence that you are at the right place at the right time.

Allow me to establish an important foundation and communicate the purpose for TRULY~OB Blog messages. Love and Care is at the core of everything we do. It is our intent to be informative, relevant, and most of all Loving. Each message is designed to help our community (clients-family-friends) to embrace their unlimited potential and live the life they love living. This is a burning desire that motivated Yaulanda and I to co-create this platform to help propel you on your journey to become the next best version of yourself. Now we are here together in this “Ocean of Love” so let’s explore this concept called Allowance.

Allowance is the third stage to achieving worthwhile dreams and goals that one has set for himself. Most of us have been highly developed in the art of striving vehemently for the things we want in life. We sometimes find ourselves using manipulation or control to tilt circumstances in our favor to help conditions and others to conform to our wishes. Being proactive and considering next steps toward achieving goals, are needful concepts when they are inspired by the heart that knows the perfect path to follow. But when we are prone to being lead by our limited intellect, which speaks first and loud, we sometimes end up creating pain for ourselves and others along the way.

Let us look at the concept of Allowance in a way that seems foreign in today’s culture. Here, we start with the recognition that we are already loved and valued by the only Source that matters. Therefore, our purpose for achieving anything isn’t to create accolades, or gain approval from others. We know our worth and our worthiness to be a dispenser of good gifts to the people and world we live in.

When we speak of Allowance, we are embracing the idea that we live in a friendly Universe that is always for us and never against us. Therefore, once our desires and intentions are known, we understand that the universe will conspire to bring the people and events in our lives, on a moment to moment basis, that will provide exactly what we need to achieve our dreams or goals. We begin to experience change that come in many forms. They appear as new relationships, unexpected opportunities, changes in people we report to, relocations, ending of old relationships, new income, loss of income, and a plethora of other forms. Some of these changes, which I call messengers, can bring about friction or even discomfort. However, they are all designed to teach you to trust the process and the Source of all things.

In the book “The Way of Mastery”, allowance is described as cultivating a quality of awareness, cultivating trust, cultivating humility, to the degree that we no longer see our lives as our own to dictate or control, but rather we yield ourselves to the Source of our being and allow things to unfold and emerge according to an all-knowing plan.

Ultimately, we begin to create a new mindset and skillset for how we look at the events in our lives. No longer fearing change, addition, or subtraction that can happen in any moment. Instead, we gain confidence that we will experience our dreams and achieve our goals.

So, say YES to living by Allowance.

Say Yes to Your Authentic Self