A Message from Oliver and Yaulanda Blue

If you're interested in learning more about our coaching and TRULY~OB programs, then simply contact us to set up a complimentary strategy session.

Each month we carve out time to offer a few complimentary strategy sessions. This session will help you get clear on what you want, what's holding you back, and your best next big step.

We have a limited number of appointments available and they often book up quickly, so if you'd like to schedule a complimentary strategy session please contact us.

We look forward to talking with you.


What is within us is greater than what is outside of us. We are all born with creative power. We are creating, all the time, whether we understand that or not. Our history or circumstance does not have to define our destiny, unless we insist that it must. So, why not use our creative abilities to design the life we want to experience?